"Jamie and Stephanie are wonderful teachers who are so passionate about spreading yoga, love and positivity to help others and ultimately help make this world a better place.  I am so grateful to them for offering this class, so happy I got to participate and at the same time meet so many other yoga teachers who share the same dream."

Daniela, Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2018 

"I believe it is truly important for all yoga instructors to receive this extra 15 hour certification.  The education of trauma and those in recovery is crucial for our industry.  Jamie and Stephanie are incredible, informative and organized trainers!  I'm inspired, thanks ladies!"

Marina, Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2018 

"Obtaining and expanding my certification for teaching yoga to those in recovery through Bridge Yoga Programs was so inspiring for me as someone who is just beginning to teach yoga.  Not only did I feel very well equipped to teach after completing the training, I also feel that I walked away integrating the heart and soul of why this training is offered; to be a conduit of healing and transformation for those who are ready and willing to practice these tools that work so well.  The training was both practical, inspirational and so well-rounded in learning the nuances of this offering."

Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2018

"Jamie and Stephanie are compassionate about what they do and it shows.  Their curriuculm is effective, concise and gives you what you need to teach in a class setting.  I am so lucky to have had this training.  Great investment, I would highly recommend it."  

Kendall, Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery, graduate, 2018 

"Jamie and Stephanie are fantastic teachers.  They guide their students toward becoming compassionate, prepared teachers that will share the gift of yoga with the world."

Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2018

"After completing 200 hours of YTT with a trauma informed lens, this was the perfect compliment training session.  I feel confident enough to carry the tools to learn from this training into a recovery home in hopes of encouraging the students/patients there to apply those tools into their lives."

Sarah, Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2018

"This course is amazingly thorough.  It was fun, creative and awakening.  The leaders/guides are very enthusiastic and aware of all of the elements of this type of offering.  It will teach you how to serve the people and planet in the quintessential modality; the wonderful field of teaching yoga to those in recovery.  Come learn how to share your gifts!"

Makena, Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2018

"Jamie and Stephanie are so knowledgeable and passionate about their students and student-teachers.  They bring thi spassion into yoga in a safe space to learn and cultivate confidence in the entire room.  I absolutely recommend this training to everyone who has an interest in teaching to these populations. Thank you!"

Monica, Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2018

“Wow these Yoga Teachers are the real deal! This training was everything I was looking for and more. Restorative yoga is really my style because it’s calming, meditative, and designed for literally everyone. It’s only Tuesday after our amazing training and I’m getting contracted for another half hour each day with the students at our recovery center. Even if you’re not teaching those in recovery, I think Restorative is something every yoga teacher should have in their play book. I couldn’t be more satisfied, really. This has been such a valuable resource. I highly recommend it."

Bradley, Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2017

"This is a great training for anyone who would like more insight into Yoga for trauma and recovery. The team was well prepared, the training was comprehensive, and the opportunity to learn by doing was a great component. They gave great feedback, lots of encouragement and real support for moving to be successful yoga instructors in recovery centers. I feel enlightened and very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this training with Jamie and Stephanie."

Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2017

"I had a great experience learning and growing from two people that have such experience and passion. I recommend anyone that wants to deepen their understanding of trauma informed yoga to take this training."

Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2017

"You two have an amazing resource of knowledge and experience in the field. I was impressed with how well run it was and feel more prepared to enter the rehabilitation environment."

Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2017

"I think you are both excellent, knowledgable teachers and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from you. I also felt cared for, valued and loved as a student in your training."

Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery graduate, 2017

I feel better, more relaxed and happier with a lot less stress after yoga.  I am truly ready for the day - I'm in less pain, more alive and awake with a better attention span.   Stephanie has a wonderful voice, she is so helpful talking us through our breathing.  She is relaxing and helps us focus on our bodies, listening to our bodies, getting in touch with our bodies, learning how to be nice to ourselves and our bodies.   I wish we had yoga every day.

Addiction Recovery Patient, 2017

I love Stephanie's caring demeanor and concern for everyone's body and their different ailments, where they are at physically and mentally for the day.  She's clear and concise with her direction and has great energy to lead the class.  I feel calm, refreshed and at peace with myself after yoga.   My body feels more open and energized, but relaxed at the same time.

Mental Health Patient, 2017

“Jamie is an extraordinary teacher: maintaining a consistent teaching platform with valuable information while keeping the interest of her students. Her passion and commitment to teaching made the 10 weeks enjoyable and fun. She is well informed and a pleasure to study with.”

Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™ graduate, 2016

"What first drew me to Stephanie's yoga class was her calm and welcoming presence and it was immediately obvious that she is genuinely interested and concerned by the questions she asked.  She is very knowledgeable and always offers modifications and alternative poses when applicable. Her desire to be of service to her students is evident during class, she teaches in an authentic manner and truly wants her students to have their own experience on the mat. She is also always available before and/or after class for questions/concerns.  Her sequences are well planned and unique and are both challenging and relaxing. I also really appreciate Stephanie's sense of humor and at times light hearted approach- yoga doesn't always have to be so serious." 

Yoga Student of Stephanie, 2017

“Jamie has an uncanny ability to provide honest, effective feedback to trainees in a compassionate and uplifting way. She makes you feel ‘seen’ for your strengths, vulnerabilities, and the reality that you are probably your own harshest critic. She reminds you of the strength and unique beauty within you in the moments you need, and will need, it most. This was a fabulous personal as well as professional investment in myself.”

Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™ graduate, 2016

"After yoga I feel awesome, relaxed and calm and I’m more aware of my body. Stephanie is very pleasant, soothing, informative and has intrigued my interest to further pursue meditation and yoga on my own time, which has been extremely helpful." 

Pain Management and Recovery Patient, 2017

"Patients enjoy and look forward to yoga class. Classes are relaxing and allow patients an alternative way to cope with anxiety and stress." 

Recovery Center Staff, 2017