Meet the faces behind Bridge Yoga Programs™


Jamie Hanson

I became a yoga teacher in 2009 because of the healing it brought to my own life. I knew that there was something magical about this practice because I felt it. It is a practice that brought me closer to my center, helped me drop into my heart and ultimately connect more deeply to my purpose. After years of teaching and studying this modality I believe that yoga is a transformative path that is meant to remove any obstacles that may be in the way of you living as your truest and highest self.

As an undergrad I earned a B.S. in psychology and a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and have been teaching in some capacity for 20+ years. Guiding others to find their soul’s calling is my passion. I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider® and in 2014 I created the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™, a 200-hour Yoga Alliance approved training that incorporates a trauma-informed perspective.

My yoga studies have been primarily focused on teaching with a trauma-informed lens and the intersection of yoga and psychology. I have studied how trauma lives in the physical body at the cellular level and how the yoga asana and breath practices can be used as resources towards healing. I have taught yoga in many different settings to many different populations, including faculty at schools, high school students preparing to take standardized tests, young adults with developmental disabilities, youth at leadership conferences, seva programs to raise awareness and funds for various causes and many different studios.

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Stephanie Leger

I’ve been a student of yoga for almost two decades.  As an athletic person who gravitated towards extremes, the mat was a place to feel centered and to quiet my body and mind.  A certain peace would come over me that would call me back to the mat each time.  While working in the corporate world, I experienced a painful and disruptive spine injury that changed my life.  Not “healing” in a textbook fashion, I entered into a period of chronic pain that lasted for roughly two years.   After quite some time, I finally came back to my mat and I realized I’d been giving my power away to the medical community.   Although well intentioned, no one knew what it was like to be in my body.  As I reconnected to my yoga practice, I found new words to describe what was going on in my body while also finding immense physical, psychological and emotional healing.  I discovered my new body and found my peace again.  I’ve been teaching therapeutic yoga and movement ever since while studying with some of the industry’s most experienced voices in trauma and healing movement.

I’ve always been fascinated by human resilience especially in regards to trauma – physical and/or emotional and the ability to heal.  I earned a B.S. in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with an emphasis in PTSD.   Although my career took a detour into the corporate world, it's no wonder that a natural pattern of trainings, certifications and studies weaved in and out of my life becoming the backbone of my work.

The intention behind my teaching is to empower students to get back into their bodies, to listen, to connect and to find a sense of peace that is within each of us.   While working with students is my passion, I also supervise the yoga program at a leading rehabilitation facility in the state of California.  I recruit and train yoga instructors for several programs involving those in recovery from addiction, mental illness and chronic pain.  I manage the trauma sensitive yoga classes that reach roughly 100 patients on a weekly basis keeping me busy, yet extremely fulfilled.  These days I still head to my mat to center and to quiet my body and mind, but it’s also a place where I go to continually heal my body and to find a sense of strength and empowerment that I never want to lose again.


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